Classic Boxing

Whether you’re an amateur, complete beginner, or professional, we welcome all students into our boxing program. We have adult classes for any skill level and age group. Our classes are taught by USA Boxing certified instructors, who focus on developing fundamental boxing techniques and strategies for how to deal with fighters of different types & sizes.

3 Time World Champion – Shane Mosley and Fahness Lutallo Boxing Coach
(IBF, WBC, and WBA World Champion. Won 46 / KO 39 / Lost 8 / Draw 1)

Boxing is a self evolving art. So we teach you how to change your strategy when your opponent changes. Through our program, you’ll understand how to handle the outside fighter, the boxer puncher, the brawler slugger, the inside fighter, the bob & weave fighter. Also, you’ll learn ring generalship, punch combinations that create targets, footwork, etc. The list goes on and on.

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Also, our main goal is that eventually you will be comfortable applying your skills in live sparring sessions. Our program helps you progress at a pace that is comfortable for you. You will never be “required” to fight. You spar only when you want to. This gradual progression from conditioning, technique, to sparring will solidify the reality and the truth about what you have learned in class. It helps you test your skill without developing a false sense of security.